What’s new in iPhone 12?

Good news for iPhone lovers. Apple announced that in the mid-2020 Apple is launching a new iPhone 12, together Apple launching a few four more generic devices like iPhone 12 max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, Pro Max.

Let’s see what apple upgraded in the new series of iPhone 12, But I would suggest you if you are thinking to buy iPhone 11, just wait for few months to get this new generation iPhone with new features, Your waiting will be worth, I am sure!. lets what is new in iPhone 12.


I think apple is decided to go backward in terms of design, the new iPhone 12 looks like boxy and square shape design. Apple designer adopted the design of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 series, But genuinely I will say this square shape design looks splendid. Apple iPad series also following the same flat shape edge design.

There is one advantage of having a flat shape square curve rather than a curved shape edge is the grip for handling mobile devices, By square shape, edge design gives us a good grip on handling mobile devices.

iPhone 4s Design

5G Support :

Till now Apple was not supporting 5g services in their iOS devices, But from iPhone 12 series apple decided to deliver 5g support to their iOS devices. This feature will affect data consumption and battery life of the iPhone 12, but I think apple assumed those consequences while delivering 5g support services in iPhone 12.

Battery Life:

Apple has given 4,400 mAh capacity of the battery in the new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 is the highest battery capacity till the date, Apple has given good battery capacity in the iPhone 12 series.

ProMotion Technology :

Promotion technology is a new technology, Promotion technology allows the very responsive look and feels with respect to interaction between user and device touch response. Like scrolling smoothness interaction, lag-free drawing, text crisper. In the new iPad, Apple applied ProMotion Technology to achieve smoothness in apple pencil interaction.

ProMotion Technology is hardware technology improved in the display. this technology improved refresh rates of up to 120Hz in terms of user interactivity. ProMotion Technology comes with more improvement in the gaming experience, drawing apps performance, and smooth app interactivity.

Source: www.imore.com
Improved ProMotion Technology

On-screen fingerprint:

Since Apple started face lock feature in terms of security, before the face lock feature apple was used to have a fingerprint for the sake of security, later on after entry of face lock feature, Apple stopped fingerprint security feature. But in iPhone 12 apple providing finger sensor security feature with a face lock.

Previously Apple was providing finger touch on the home button and apple revised this fingerprint feature on the touch screen. this is a very intense feature on iPhone 12.


iPhone 12 is differently featured in terms of all other old iPhone series, But in case of hardware features, Apple has done a clever job.

Size : 5.4″, 6.7″, and 6.1″ sizes

Camera : Triple-lens 3D camera

Processor : A14 Bionic chip

Display : OLED displays

Service : 5G connectivity

A number of devices: 4 different devices in terms of different sizes and configurations.

Price / Cost :

The tentative price of the iPhone 12 is starting from $649, But till the launch date we cannot predict the exact price of the iPhone 12 series iPhones.


Apple has built an evolutionary iPhone device in terms of hardware and user experience, changed outer design which was following since the last decade. iPhone 12 will be best to buy, the iPhone till the date, and it’s worth purchasing the iPhone 12.

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  1. What is the credibility of all this information ? Apple haven’t revealed any spec release, design release yet. What ever all sources leaked those are still rumour untill clarifies something on it.


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