How to become an iOS developer within 3 months

Nowadays having a mobile app rather than a website is the fashion to reach out audience. Every day thousands of apps published on the Apple app store and Google play store. Every app developed with its own purpose, there are game applications, Service-based applications like banking, fashion/ e-commerce applications. Educational applications you will find lot many types of applications over AppStore or play store.

if you want to generate your idea into the iOS application or you want to work somewhere as an iOS developer, you have to learn a mobile development programming language, learning a programming language is not a big deal if you are working as a software developer, but if you are a newbie in programming and software development, you need some amount of patience and hard work to be a mobile developer. But keep this in mind if you have zero programming knowledge, for now, Still, you can become not only Mobile Application developer but also a good programmer

In the very first step, you have to decide which platform you are going to learn Android or iOS if you have decided to learn iOS development. I will modularize 3 months of time span to learn ios programming, and I will briefly direct you what topics you have to learn from first to third month.

Note: We will start with swift programming language rather than Objective c

First Month :

First month is very important you will cover all basics in first month. if you have decided to become an iOS developer nobody will stop you.

Get familiar with an iOS environment

Download a few applications in your iPhone ( Download only those App who are using native UI components instead of custom UI components like WhatsApp), Analyze the flow of an application, look and feel the UI Components like button, labels, how the application is navigating from one page to another.

Collect development resources:

  1. You need a machine with mac os, this could be MacBook Pro, Mac Mini.
  2. Install Xcode in the machine.
  3. iOS Mobile Device, this could be an iPhone with updated os. (Optional)

Lets start playground programming:

After installing XCODE, let’s learn to write basic conditions and functions.

  1. Open Xcode.
  2. Tap on ‘Get started with a playground‘.
  3. You will see blank editor, this is nothing but XCODE playground

Then play this video to know how to download Xcode, and get familiar with the playground, and also you will get to know basics like how to declare and initialize variables in swift.

Get familiar with Xcode environment and variables

Once you got to know how variables declare and initialize in swift, how the operator works in swift, Now you have to understand what are data types in Swift, how to use different data types in swift. to learn about data types watch the next video and practice twice in a day.

Data types in swift

After knowing how data types implement in swift, you should start with conditional syntax like “if-else”, in the next tutorial video, you will learn how to use “if-else” with variables using different data types.

If-else statement

Once you are done with if-else and other conditional statements, it’s time to learn how the loop works in swift, which means how you can iterate sequential data in swift, you will learn here how to declare and initialize an array, how to iterate an array in swift. this lesson is very important, Understand it carefully.

Loop iteration in swift .

Now final lesson to fully familiar with swift language basics is to write functions, Functions is nothing but the set of code, by using the function we can modularize code as per code behavior.

Functions in swift

Now you are enough mature with basic knowledge of swift. So practice this video content in the first month, again and again, don’t miss any topic, if you have done with all tutorials. you have won half battle in terms of leaning swift programming language. I would like to thanks CodeWithChris to provide such valuable content to help beginners in swift development.

Very soon I will publish part- 2 of this article, so I can redirect you to what topics you have to focus on the second and third month of training.

To Be Continued Part – 2

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