Why the iPhone is more secure than Android?

Sometimes you might have confused, which phone is better iPhone or Android?. This article is not creating any warzone between iPhone vs android. Two major operating systems are widely used for mobile phones. iOS, and Android. Android is owned by Google and iOS is owned by Apple, here we will discuss, how the iPhone is more secure than the Android operating system.

iOS V/S Android Phone

Android is an open-source operating system, means Google provides a platform development kit to hardware manufacturers like MI, One plus, and Samsung. Here google is creating software parts of the mobile device and the hardware part is manufactured by other companies, Due to miscommunication between hardware and software developers, version compatibility is the major drawback find in android devices.

iOS is not an open-source operating system, here Hardware and Software both are developed by Apple, and devices are sold by Apple itself. Durability and usability of Apple iPhones are more than android devices, Because of new iOS versions release after testing new and old devices.

Example: before the release of iOS 13, Apple tests iOS 13 operating system is properly working on iPhone 7,8,8plus, those phones released with old iOS versions like iOS 10, iOS 11, etc.

iCloud :

iCloud is a standard technology, using more for backup, where Apple stores all your things, like data including:

  1. Images
  2. Videos
  3. Documents
  4. Contacts
  5. Calendar Data
  6. Notes
  7. Remainder
  8. Siri Shortcuts
  9. Voice Memos
  10. Emails

And credentials like :

  1. Siri information
  2. Wifi Passwords
  3. Apple card transactions
  4. Health App data
  5. Screen time
  6. Safari history
  7. Keyboard frequently used vocabulary

I will not deep dive technically, how iCloud is better than google cloud and google drive, but yes, iCloud provides end to end encryption, means your data will read-only by sender and receiver, Apple itself can’t read your data, Apple is very attentive about Security, Privacy, Authentication,

If you are using iPhone and logged in iCloud, your photos, documents, videos, credentials are more secure than any android phone and another operating system phone.


Android allows the app developer to ask permission from the user to fetch and read messages, let me give you an example: if you ever used True-caller application. True-caller asked you to allow permission to read messages, contacts and other stuff. If you allow them to read the message they are accessing the message and storing it in their database server. Your message contains personal chat, Bank transaction notifications, Subscription notifications, Portal password, and credentials, or data may be in any form.

App service like True-caller may leak your data and threaten you. else they are selling your data to other organizations like advertising agencies to collect surveys indirectly from you, like which bank is preferred by users, which subscription users are purchasing? in which things users are in favor?, previously apple was not allowed to read OTP in iOS app, But due to trendy app usability features iOS providing the feature to read OTP by adding new property in UITextfiled components like…


Location is a crucial topic with respect to security and privacy. We all are using maps, In Android, we are using google map and in iOS Apple itself using their own, Apple developed a map with partners tomtom and other geodata service provider.

Android users might be thinking of how Google got to know right now which hotel I am visiting and eventually asking reviews for the same hotel. Places Review notifications look like.

Means, you are sharing your location with google via your android device, Apple doing the same as accessing user locations like Android, but listen carefully, Apple phones sharing user location with their servers only once in a day, but Android sharing users location at every 4 minutes.

Google uses user location information for many purposes like advertising, google place recommendation, surveying data for the sake of marketing. Google utilizes your location data to improve its own business. iPhone is very safe to maintain your location privacy.

APK (Android Application Package)

APK is a package file of an Android Application, It can be shared from one device to another device and install it, It means Android allows to install apps without downloading from play store.

The major drawback of this, developers can develop buggy and virus contained applications and spread it in the community via APK file. instead of that iPhone won’t allow the user to install apps from other resources except for App Store.

To add an iOS app on App Store apple has strict rules and guidelines than Android, Apple reviewing the application submitted by the developer for 4 to 5 days if anything is not matching and not fitting in their criteria, Apple rejects the application, otherwise, they approve the application and open to use this application for end-user.


iPhones are far better than Android devices with respect to security, privacy, and other policies. If you want to secure your data, credentials and other kinds of stuff, iOS better choice for you.

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