iOS developer or Android Developer?. Which one will suit me?

We will have an effective discussion on you should become an iOS or Android developer, Being a mobile developer, I can represent a few aspects and facts about Android and iOS development.

Android developer vs iOS developer

If you are thinking I am living in India or any other Asian country, and here 80% population are using Android device I have to choose to become an android developer, another side if you are living in the USA and most of the people using iOS devices there that doesn’t mean you should learn iOS development.

I will try to resolve your query, just sit back and read this article carefully. First of all, I will not compare here how iOS development is good over Android development and how Android development is better than iOS development. You can decide which platform to choose would be better for learning development, based on some facts, circumstances, which I will mention here.


First, it comes at your perspective, on which platform you would love to learn and research. It’s easy to choose because both platforms are easily accessible, If you are fascinated by the android environment, you can move on for Android development, Else you can choose iOS development. if you are interested in any particular platform don’t prioritize other aspects. interest is the most important thing, I would say.


For iOS development, Xcode IDE is needed, and for Android development requires Android Studio and SDK (Software development kit).

To install XCODE you need to have a Mac OS device like Mac book, Mac mini, Means you cannot install XCODE on Windows OS and Linux OS, There is one way you can install mac os on your windows machine though virtual machine but there is a lot of drawbacks of it. like performance, new updates will not install on such virtual machines installed operating system. if you want to be an iOS developer you should have a Mac machine with you.

On the other hand, Android studio can be installed on Mac OS, Windows Os, and Linux OS, as Android is an Open-Source Operating system, Android studio is platform-independent, And as MAC devices are very costly than Windows hardware, For android development Platform availability is a bonus point.


Let us come to an important topic, This aspect is very huge to discuss let us divide and discuss a few points

  1. Which developer has demand in the market?
  2. Which developer can earn more?
  3. Which developer has the best future?
  4. If you become an Indie developer, Which platform would be profitable?

As we discussed Android studio is platform-independent, Hardware, and Software availability to become an android developer is very easy. The number of android developers is huge as compared to iOS developers. That’s why iOS developers are huge in demand.

Here, I would say earning and revenue from your job is dependent on a lot of characteristics like organization pay scale, your experience, and your technical eligibility, So we cannot compare earnings of iOS and Android developer earning.

About the future I would say, Android is an open-source operating system, the majority of mobile devices in the world running Android OS. Obviously, as per my prediction, nobody will down the Android platform from his position, but iOS has a separate fanbase, apple reserved their position in the market because of the service they are providing like operating system performance, Security and policies, hardware quality and many more, and in this aspect, nobody could beat iOS even Android. Both platforms are best in their place, in the future they both will hold market worldwide, So don’t think about the future about both, Just go on.

Which platform is profitable in terms of becoming an indie developer, Let me explain to you who are indie developers, indie developers are those who are working in on their own project, they are working without having finance, idea, strategies from others, means they are independent developers.

iOS has the best reputation than Android, I will explain to you why?, suppose you are iOS developer, you have created one app, Now it’s time to submit your app on App Store, Apple will not allow your App on App Store easily, because the expectation of Apple from the developer is very high in functionality, means they have several criteria, terms, policies, content violation policies, Age policies in terms of content, Application performance like App should be crashless, resource usability policies, For more visit Apple portal to know more about terms and policies, Apple takes minimum 4 days to review your App, Apple allows your App on App Store once you follow apple review guidelines that’s why Apple has fewer apps on App Store as compared to Android Play Store, Probably 60 percent of the Apps submitted in the first round, other 40 percent get rejected due to violating apple guidelines.

On the other hand, Android Play Store also has criteria, terms, policies with respect to submitting the app on Play Store but obvious not strict like Apple, Android Play Store team, not review App strictly as Apple does, Android Play Store take one or two days to review your application and your application will get easily submitted, Probably 90 percent of applications get submitted in the first round. That’s why Apps on Android play store are large in number than the iOS App Store.

So how these characteristics of the iOS platform more profitable to indie developers. Fewer Apps on the App store means less competition, a developer can easily reach their audience and making money from App by advertising monetization and In app-purchase is smooth. Indie iOS developer earns more profit than android developers


Android and iOS platform are great in their own way, As I already told you to consider your interest first, and then consider other aspects like profit, platform, if you choose Android you have to learn kotlin programming language and for iOS development, you should learn Swift programming language, personally I would suggest start begin development in iOS, once you learn iOS environment, it’s easy to move on android development, And the fact is being an iOS developer is more advantageous than being an Android developer.

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