Before you start to build an iOS App.

If you want to develop a quality iOS App. Don’t go and start writing code directly. If you think without design, plan, estimation, You can produce the quality application. You are thinking wrong . You will lose your tonnes of valuable time. So before start writing iOS application follow the steps mentioned below.

1) Understand requirements and define the scope of application.

    Raise your points during requirements gathering. Ask each and everything that you observed during the functionality and design level negotiation. Note down all crucial and functional points. Verify App device platform iOS/iPad/TV-OS/I-Watch. Another thing is to confirm that the app is only in portrait or Portrait and landscape layout. Understand flow and confirm it with the project manager (Mediator) and client.

2) Creating a design  –

Wireframe, Mockup, and Prototype should be defined with the help of a visualizer or graphics designer. It’s not simple as we think, Designing and prototyping Apps according to client requirements is a very difficult and crucial task. and confirm it from the client and project manager before starting to write code. Once your design is confirmed by them. Generate proper cost and time estimation plan with the project manager, backend developer, Graphics designer, Testers, and android developer. Deliver your tentative or final estimation to the client once you receive a green signal from them move for further steps.
Note – While giving final time estimation add a buffer for risk interpretation and to resolve the unpredictable behavior (bugs).

3) Gather required resources –

Collect all needed resources like :
     1) Apple developer account, Provisioning profiles, and certificates.
     2) Login account credentials ( Facebook Gmail and etc. )
     3) Push notification service provider credentials. (if required)
    4) App icon and splash screen assets.
    5) Other images and assets.

4) Allocate resources and manpower

 Before you start to verify credentials and information is given by the client is right or wrong .You should have at least one iPhone and iPad device for testing purposes. Then make a plan with the consideration of available resources. Modularize project into subtasks. Assign the task to developers and designers.  

5) Upgrade Your Mac OS and latest Xcode –

    Before you start coding you should have to update your Mac Os and then update Xcode for the sake of app should make an available on current versions of iOS. 

Example – If you make an app on Xcode 8.3 it will not support iOS 11.


Prefer to write code in swift rather than objective c.
Now you can move further for coding. Happy coding. Please comment and share the article if you find something useful.

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