Features of SWIFT Over OBJECTIVE C.

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Swift as a programming language for the first time at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2014 2.0 was proudly presented as a good replacement for Objective C, Swift is a young programming language for ios and mac os platform. Due to its reliability and flexibility swift becoming more powerful and popular nowadays. swift is known as a protocol-oriented programming language.


SWIFT is a solid and stable platform development does not end with statements with a semicolon, does not require header files, include type inference, strong typography, overloading operators, full Unicode support.

Supports dynamic library:

Dynamic libraries are pieces of executable code that can be synchronized with the app. Cambio’s libraries can be included with the latest update for an app in the App Store, and all works. It simply reduces the initial application size as it is loaded into the memory The external code will only be bound when used.


Swift has a test REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) that normally supports the interpreted languages. To create a new Swift playground in Xcode, open Xcode and select File | News | Playground. A new window appears, and you can test the swift code to do things.


Swift also supports the derived types making it prone to make mistakes less and much cleaner, Swift completely standardized and modernized.Swift does not need a semicolon to indicate the end of the statement or line. Code readability is very good in swift rather than Objective-c


Examples of the use of errors Swift initializers fail and statements protection to avoid zero, we can return to zero in an error state.

Control flow of Swift:

Swift supports various looping constructs and decision statements. Swift has been designed in a manner that is fun to use. if condition. Loops, for and for-in, while, do…while,Switch Statement,Altering control,break , continue, fallthrough,guard,Labeled statements. These are conditional and looping statements in swift.

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