Simple TableView Demo for begginers.

Using UITableView we can display a listing of data in the form of a queue. It’s in the form of a one-dimensional row.UITableView representing a list of items using the UITableViewCell class.Its a single component repeating in the table view for the sake of representing a bunch of data. Here is an example for a beginner developer. Just follow the given steps to perform the implementation of the simple table view. Step 1: Create a new Xcode Project, Select Single view Application, Give a name to project and select language objective c, Set a location to save the project.   Step 2: Drag Table view from the Component list at view Controller,

  Step 3: Add Delegates with viewContoller.

  Step 4: Open viewController .h, Add tableView Delegates and declare 3 arrays for 3 sections for displaying images and displaying label text.

Step 5: Add images in Bundle.    

Step 6: Implement Array text and Array Images on viewDidLoad()  

Step 7: Add number of sections,

  Step 8: Add number of rows in table,

  Step 9: add Table View delegates Description cellForRowAtIndexPath.   – 


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